• What is the process to interview Midlothian ISD? 

    As a vacancy occurs, administrators have the applicant database available to them to review applicants to consider for interview. The administrator exercises his or her discretion in determining which applicants to contact. We try to interview as many applicants as possible; however not all applicants are interviewed. 

    How long will my application remain active?

    To keep your application active, please log in regularly to Teacher Job Network.  If you have not logged in for 60 days, then your application will be deactivated and you will have to log in and reactivate your application. To modify, edit, or reactivate your application, please click here and log in to your Teacher Job Network account.
    Help with your Application

    Please locate the “help” button contained in the application. A Region X representative will assist you

    Email Help Desk
    TJN Support Line 972-348-1086 





  • How can I become Texas certified if I hold a teacher's certificate from another state? 
    An applicant who holds a standard credential issued by a jurisdiction outside Texas, and who meets specified requirements as determined by the review of credentials completed by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) may be issued a One-Year Certificate in one or more subject areas. During the validity of this temporary, nonrenewable certificate, the applicant must complete satisfactorily all appropriate examinations for each certification area for which continued certification is desired. If the person has completed an examination administered under the authority of a jurisdiction outside Texas that is determined to be comparable to a Texas test, they may request an exemption of the Texas test. For additional information you may contact SBEC at 1-888-863-5880 or www.tea.state.tx.us
    What benefits are offered to employees?
    Click here for employee benefit information. Additional questions can be directed to Kara Hemmle, Insurance/Benefits Specialist at 972-775-8296.